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The company "Russian Transit" was founded in 2005. The main activity is wholesale supply of consumables - filters, elements of undercarriage for bulldozers, tractors and excavators.



Air filters

It is easy to miss the moment when it was necessary to replace the air filter in your car.Many users wait to replace until the moment when the filter becomes completely clogged by such contaminants as dust, soot and organic particles...

And when this happens, the car ceases to function properly. Lack of required amount of air leads to disruption of the optimal composition of the fuel-air mixture in the combustion chamber, the vehicle loses power, part of the fuel not consumed, its consumption increases significantly, with the exhaust pipe of black smoke appears.

The above-described case, this is the least troublesome, facing the driver.

Filter low quality or a delay in its replacement may cause accelerated engine wear and more - serious accidents.Engine parts, particularly susceptible to damage due to the penetration through the filter particles of impurities, is: cylinder wall, piston, piston rings and the air manifold.

High quality air filters are optimally chosen parameters: - capacity or amount of pollution that can filter and hold the filter during your period of work, performance, or size of contaminants which are filtered and measured in microns, and the flow resistance is too high will cause insufficient flow of air into the engine.

We share the air filters in many types, the most popular of them is the panel filters, round and conical.Regardless of the type, they all share a common property - to protect the vehicle's engine must be made of high quality materials and the latest technologies.

Oil filters

Oil filters, which make up only a small part of the entire lubrication system of the engine, perform a key role.

Oil filters for WIX is a particularly important group. Not only because it is the most frequently replaced maintenance item in the car, but also because it is the in 1954 WIX engineers designed and patented semipopular type oil filter of all time - the so-called spin-on filter(eng. Spin-on filter).

Often we are not fully aware of the significance of the oil filter in your car and not to appreciate its role. The situation changes when we understand that it is the oil filter (except engine oil) is responsible for several hundred moving parts of the engine get adequate lubrication, which will save it from premature wear.

You need to find out for myself the difficult conditions in which work oil filters. Using standard filter during hours of normal operation of the engine is leaking several thousand gallons of oil (T.E. full oil flow through the filter element inside the filter). This means that every element of our products is subject to enormous pressure. You should also be aware of extremely high temperature lubricant, a subject of the filtering. The key is the use of materials with the appropriate parameters endurance - as well as mechanical and chemical.

Unlike other product groups, wrong (due to blockage or physical damage to the product) operation of oil filter may be a direct cause of damage to the power unit (engine).

So what happens if improper opening pressure bypass valve. When the configured pressure is too low valve open all the time, in consequence of which, the oil circulating in the lubrication system is not filtered and this causes rapid engine wear. When configured with too high opening pressure, the valve will not work in an emergency, and this will result in an insufficient amount of lubricant in the oil line. What is threatened, to recall no need.

Lack of tightness protivovozrastnoy valve cause oil leakage from the filter after stopping the engine, causing the phenomenon of "dry start", thereby causing excessive engine wear.

Fuel filters

Realizing the need for effective protection of the fuel system we have designed filters that are successfully coping with dirt, products of corrosion of fuel tanks, metal particles and other contaminants that could create problems in the functioning of the engine.

Fuel filters play a key role in the process protect the fuel system.

In the period more and more precision application solutions from vehicle manufacturers (very accurately made as separate elements of the engine, the fuel injectors working under very high pressure) the risk of an accident in the case of penetration of the system of microparticles of contaminants increases critically.

Regardless of the quality of fuel (although of course, the higher the better) does not exclude the presence in it of impurities such as mineral dust , corrosion products, fuel tanks, water, organic particles and crystallized paraffin.

Particularly sensitive to pollution, modern high-power engines.

We share the fuel filters on many types - the most popular of them is cupping the filters (screw mount and fitting connected to the fuel line), having a housing made of corrosion resistant galvanized sheet. The filter inserts are mounted in a modular, replaceable housing that is part of the fuel system of the vehicle.

Tosolini filters

Tosolini filters Evroelement produced according to the requirements of manufacturers of diesel engines on the purity and amount of additives dissolved in the coolant and help to protect the cooling system of the engine from premature wear caused by the increase in oxidative properties of the coolant.