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The company "Russian Transit" was founded in 2005. The main activity is wholesale supply of consumables - filters, elements of undercarriage for bulldozers, tractors and excavators.


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Filters Wix MANN + HUMMEEL Group

OOO Russian Transit" is the official dealer of Wix Filtration Corporation on-site The Far East.

MANN+HUMMEL Group has announced the conclusion of an agreement for the acquisition of global player market AutoFilter – company Affinia Group, which is known as a manufacturer of automotive components under the brands Wix and Filtron.

Filters MANN+HUMMEL is one of the leading positions in sales in such high demand in the automotive production industry. For any car owner the durability of the major components of the car - priority. As use is not qualitative "gray" consumable parts, in th filters, reduce engine life significantly.

Filters MANN+HUMMEL is a great combination of price and quality of the filters.

Filters Wix MANN+ HUMMEEL Group

Website Wix Europe

Website Wix Filters

The main directions of the company are:

• oil filters MANN+HUMMEL

• fuel filter MANN+HUMMEL

• air filters MANN+HUMMEL

• hydraulic filters MANN+HUMMEL

Filters Evroelement

Today, the company Evroelement is a leader in the production of high-quality filters for heavy-duty work which offers comprehensive Air filtration system, Fuel, Antifreeze, Oils and hydraulic Liquids for mining machinery.

Filters Agroalimentarios specializiruetsya in the production of filters for the mining, freight and commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery, road-building and other special equipment. Such specialization makes use of advanced developments in the field of filtration, because the machinery on which products are used Evroelement, working in severe conditions and requires filtration systems long service life with maximum reliability and degree of protection of the engine against pollution.

For the production of filters Evroelement uses only imported filtralite, lets talk about maximum engine protection in all conditions. It is well known that every mining company has at its disposal a laboratory for spectral analysis of motor oil running on enterprise technology.

Spectral analysis allows to detect premature wear of engine parts, quality engine oil, chastooshki air, fuel and oil, and thus form a conclusion on the quality of the filters. The fact that the vast majority of mining enterprises of Kuzbass, after the comparative spectral analysis of engine oil, give their preference to products Evroelement that serves as a recognition of vysokoporodistyh filters Evroelement among mining companies.

Filters Fleetguard

OOO "Russian Transit" implements filter elements Fleetguard as from a warehouse and under the order.

Through distributors worldwide Fleetguard is a huge number of consumers using a variety of equipment, including heavy, medium and light trucks, engines and generators for construction, agricultural, mining, marine and special equipment.

In the field, the road, over the water, in the mine or on the construction site, Fleetguard products, Inc. serves to make Your technique worked without downtime for repairs and maintenance, no loss of power and damage to the environment, thereby protecting Your investments.

You always, even in the most severe conditions, you can count on the products of Fleetguard and Nelson - filtration media

Series "ES extended service interval" to the quality of exhaust systems. Works reliably in all due time. Working beyond the statutory deadline. What works for You.

This Fleetguard products. Official website:http://comminsfiltration.com

The product range of the company covers a wide variety of applications and markets including:

• Heavy, medium and light commercial vehicles

• Industrial equipment for construction, mining, agriculture and marine applications

Filters Sakura

OOO "Russian Transit" implements filter elements Sakura as a warehouse and under the order.

Sakura filters are manufactured by the Japanese company Sakura Filter Co.,part of the company's ADR group. A special part of Sakura filters is a filter material which is used in their production. His company, Sakura Filter Co. developed in conjunction with suppliers - manufacturers of the world level. So Sakura filters have a long service life and meet stringent requirements.

The benefit of using them is obvious, T.K. high filtration rate is not reduced for the passage of all, according to the manufacturer, the service life of the filter...

Filters Agama

OOO "Russian Transit" is the official dealer of Agama in the Far East.

AGAMA automotive filters are designed to provide maximum engine protection from unwanted external influences affecting his work.

Brand AGAMA meets all harsh weather, road and environmental conditions, and perfectly eliminates the often low quality of fuel and oil. Filters AGAMA manufactured according to the latest international standards and technologies on the most modern equipment. Manufacturer of filters uses only proven high quality raw materials and components for their production.

-oil filters Agama

-fuel filter Agama

-air filters Agama

Baldwin Filters

OOO "Russian Transit" is the official dealer of Baldwin Filters in the Far East.

Filters and filter elements of the trademark Baldwin Filters are of high efficiency and reliability. High performance characteristics allow to use them in various kinds of machinery, including intended for heavy duty work in conditions of high contamination. Baldwin filters are designed in accordance with the technical specifications of the equipment manufacturers, to ensure the smooth operation of more than 2000 models of heavy machinery.

The quality of Baldwin products are confirmed by certificates ISO 9001 (1994) and QS9000 (1995).

The main directions of the company are:

-oil filter Baldwin

-fuel filter Baldwin

-air filters Baldwin

-Baldwin hydraulic filters

-fuel separators Baldwin